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Maintenance has never been easier with these garage door tips. Keep up with the data.

Remember that openers use up electricity

Keep in mind that automatic garage door openers use electricity to operate. This means that trying to work on it by yourself can cause an electric shock and possibly death. Our garage door repair Bonney Lake experts are highly trained in dealing with electrical devices such as these, so it is best that you leave the work to them.

Keep away from a moving door

Professionals understand the dangers of a moving garage door and we urge everyone to keep away from the door as it operates. This is because the door is a very heavy object and the possibility of the door suddenly crashing down on anything below is quite high.

Protect children from garage doors

Kids of all ages like to speed under closing overhead garage doors and that can be a very dangerous game, especially if the sensors don't work. It's best to teach them about the dangers of the system and Garage Door Repair Bonney Lake would suggest checking the sensors often.

Make emergency plans

There are times when no matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and many accidents involving garage doors have taken place. Do not find yourself in this situation by making emergency plans ahead, such as knowing how to operate the emergency release in case someone or something gets stuck. Garage doors typically have emergency features and it would be best to know them.

Inspect your walls and foundation

At least twice a year make a visual inspection of the interior and exterior walls and your home's foundation under the garage door to look for cracks or excessive moisture. If there's mold or discoloration, there's a good chance moisture has been seeping in from the roof or walls and repairs are needed. Your garage door should also have an annual inspection by experts trained in spotting problems before they occur. Give our professional team a call to schedule a maintenance visit today before the ice and snow season is here.

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