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All questions are answered on this garage door FAQ page. No stone is left unturned.

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How do I remove the torsion springs?

Removing torsion springs requires specific tools and training that is unlikely for any common homeowner to get. The process is also quite dangerous, so it is highly recommended not to remove the torsion springs on your own. The best course of action would be to contact one of our technicians from Garage Door Repair Bonney Lake for further help.

Is it normal for my door to “hang” in the opening?

Garage doors hang 4 to 6 inches into the opening because it helps keep the tension on the cable, preventing it from separating from the pulley. You can adjust the hanging if you use a garage door opener.

Are garage door pulleys important?

Pulleys are important for the extension springs and must be carefully chosen since they come in different sizes and materials. They are not ruined easily but the major symptoms of pulleys wearing down will be failure to open and close the door properly. So, yes, garage door pulleys are significant parts and must be repaired immediately.

How do I keep my aluminum garage door dirt free?

Even though garage doors fashioned with aluminum frame are hardier and yet easier to maintain than standard garage doors, they still need to be cleaned now and again. Surprisingly enough, car wax is an effective way to keep your aluminum garage door safe from both dirt and moisture.

How can I protect the spring from damage?

You should not use any corrosive cleaners for the component or for the hardware connected to it and the surrounding area. Annual lubrication will help to reduce the friction and to keep the rate of wearing as low as possible. All other garage door parts require proper maintenance so that the spring is not overly strained.

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