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How to Maintain Steady Temperatures in Your Garage

01/03/2014 Back To Blog

The garage is often a forbidden area in many houses not only due to the dangerousness of the garage door parts but, basically, due to its bad temperatures and awful quality of air. Most of them are not heated, but you can still follow certain patterns to clean the atmosphere from unhealthy substances and contaminated particles while you can protect the place from sudden weather fluctuations. These actions will make your garage a better place to spend time with your family and will reduce the electricity bills enormously.How to Maintain Steady Temperatures in Your Garage

Improve the insulation of the garage door

Is it time for garage door replacement? You should get an insulated one because you will have a tremendous differentiation in the indoor temperatures. In this case, aluminum overhead doors will probably be the best option since metal can be elaborated easier and current metal doors have great insulation efficiency with a high R-Value.

Of course, if your annual budget did not include a brand new garage door installation, you can still insulate the old one, but you need to make sure you get good quality insulation materials. You must also be sure that the bottom seal is replaced often because the air drafts coming from the little gap a damaged strip would leave can compromise your good environment.

Take care of the mechanism

• You must never underestimate the importance of cleaning because dust can contaminate the air in the garage and create an unhealthy and unpleasant environment. Besides, if the parts are not properly cleaned from dust or lubricants will eventually stick or work with less efficiency.
• Check the aluminum frame of the windows and see if they need to be sealed or changed. Of course, if the glass is broken and the installation is old, you should consider garage door windows replacement.
• Your utmost effort is to ensure every little hole is sealed, the garage door protects your property from the outdoor conditions and there is not a simple gap, crack or moisture sign that could compromise the good temperatures in the garage.

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